Welcome to the Syracuse University Composite Materials Lab (SU-CML)! SU-CML was founded in 1990. Our lab pursues research on the mechanics of composite materials and structures, advanced manufacturing of composite materials, development of multifunctional lightweight and high performance composites, and composites in extreme environments (e.g., lightning strike, laser/plasma, aerodynamic heating).

We carry out both fundamental research and engineering development in the SU-CML. Faculty members and students strive to discover the fundamental knowledge of composite materials and structures through integrated experimental investigations and mathematical modeling. The acquired knowledge is used to develop tools to guide the development of next-generation composite structures with significantly improved properties and performance (e.g., mechanical impact resistance, lightning strike protection) and guide the development and optimization of novel manufacturing of composite structures (e.g., fast curing, subtractive and additive manufacturing) for applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, and civil infrastructure, etc.