Courses taught by Dr. Wang at Syracuse University

    1. AEE 471 Design and Analysis of Aerospace Structures (Junior-Level Undergraduate Required, Credits: 4)

    Terms taught: Spring 2021, Spring 2022

    Topics covered:

    • Introduction to design, design requirements, and the design process
    • Review of classical beam theory
    • Design and analysis of symmetric beams subjected to static axial and/or bending loads
    • Material selection, design allowables, and the MMPDS (formerly MIL-HDBK-5)
    • Fatigue of materials and structures
    • Design and analysis of unsymmetric beams
    • Stress at a point and failure under multi-axial states of stress
    • Shear stresses in single and multi-cell beams subjected to transverse and/or torsional loadings
    • Structural configurations of modern aircraft and spacecraft
    • Analysis and design methods for typical aerospace structural elements



    2. MAE 536 Composite Materials (Undergraduate/Graduate Elective, Credits: 3)

    Terms taught: Spring 2021, Fall 2021

    Topics covered:

    • Introduction to composites
    • Composites fabrication
    • Micromechanics of unidirectional composites
    • Short-fiber composites
    • Macromechanics analysis of an orthotropic lamina
    • Analysis of laminated composites
    • Analysis of laminated plates and beams
    • Composite performance: fatigue, impact, and environment effects
    • Basic experimental characterization of composites
    • Emerging composite materials



    Courses taught by Dr. Wang at Mississippi State University

    1. ASE 3233 Aerospace Structural Analysis I (Junior-Level Undergraduate Required, Credits: 3)

    Terms taught: Fall 2018, Fall 2019


    2. EM4133/6133 Composite Materials (Undergraduate/Graduate Elective, Credits: 3)

    Terms taught: Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Spring 2019